HIVE Digital Technologies: Crypto Mining with Green Energy

March 7, 2024

Investing in Crypto

Bridging Traditional Capital Markets and the Blockchain Industry with Sustainable Practices

In an era where the debate around Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) and the sustainability of financial practices is more pertinent than ever, HIVE Digital Technologies Ltd. emerges as a beacon of innovation and responsible growth. Founded on the principle that digital assets like Bitcoin can serve as portable wealth, HIVE has positioned itself as a leader in the cryptocurrency mining sector, boasting a strong balance sheet with over $100 million in Bitcoin and cash reserves.

HIVE's journey began in 2017 when it became the first cryptocurrency mining company to be listed for trading on the TSX Venture Exchange. This milestone was not just a testament to the company's pioneering spirit but also its commitment to sustainability. Unlike traditional cryptocurrency mining operations that have been criticized for their environmental impact, HIVE operates state-of-the-art data centers in Canada, Sweden, and Iceland, powered by green energy. This strategic choice not only aligns with global efforts to combat climate change but also ensures the long-term viability of their operations.

The company's approach to mining digital assets is grounded in the belief that Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies are akin to gold: scarce, valuable, and a means of private property. By leveraging green energy to mine these digital assets, HIVE not only contributes to the reduction of the carbon footprint associated with mining but also offers investors a unique opportunity. Shareholders gain exposure to the operating margins of digital currency mining and a portfolio of Bitcoin, all while supporting environmentally friendly practices.

HIVE's success is reflected in its significant contribution to the global network, accounting for about 1% of it. This achievement underscores the company's efficiency and the scalability of its operations. Moreover, by holding the majority of its treasury of ETH and BTC derived from mining rewards in secure storage since the beginning of 2021, HIVE demonstrates a prudent approach to asset management and a commitment to maximizing shareholder value.

Frank Holmes, Executive Chairman

Renowned global investor Frank Holmes leads the HIVE board of directors, contributing to the company's vision and strategy. Mr. Holmes is chief executive and chief investment officer at U.S. Global Investors, a leading mutual fund and asset management firm. Mr. Holmes is a sought after keynote speaker at international investment conferences and a regular guest in business media. His Frank Talk CEO Blog is one of the most widely read in finance.

For more information on HIVE Digital Technologies Ltd. ( TSXV: HIVE, NASDAQ: HIVE) please click the request investor info button.

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