Horizons ETF Focused on Thematic Investing

July 17, 2019

Financial visionaries wanted to create an ETF that did more than just replicate the returns of stock and bond indices

Horizons ETFs Management Inc. has built a global reputation as a leading ETF innovator focused on Thematic Investing. Horizons ETF Management Inc. introduced the world’s first leveraged and inverse cannabis exchange traded funds .

They wanted to offer flexible, low-cost exposure to numerous investment strategies and asset classes.

Ultimately, they focus to create an ETF that does more than just replicate the returns of stock and bond indices.

At first glance, thematic investing, in something like the cannabis sector – may seem like a strategy that’s profiting from short term gains. However, for Horizons, that’s not the case.

What is Thematic Investing?

Thematic investing serves as a forward-looking approach that seeks to capitalize on anticipated changes in our world. In general, it is considered a top-down investment strategy.

Horizons focuses on companies with strong potential in newer markets. A great example of that is the Canopy Marijuana stock. That stock was in their ETF for two years and is now in the TSX 60.

By tracking emerging sectors like Cannabis or Robotics or Automation, they look forward to producing market-beating gains over the long term.

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