Hut 8: Providing Investors with Direct Access to Bitcoin

March 23, 2021

A secure and simple way to invest

Hut 8 Mining is a cryptocurrency mining and blockchain infrastructure company focused solely on mining bitcoin. The company has access to a world-leading proprietary mix of hardware, software. They also have access to operational expertise to construct, optimize and manage data centres in low-cost and attractive jurisdictions.

Additionally, they provide investors with direct access to bitcoin, without the technical complexity or constraints of purchasing the underlying cryptocurrency. Investors avoid the need to create online wallets, wire money offshore and safely store their bitcoins. In short, they provide a secure and simple way to invest.

“Hut 8 aspires to be not just a Bitcoin mining company, but a great Canadian technology company,” says CEO, Jaime Leverton.

Hut 8 is one of the largest publicly traded Bitcoin miners in North America. Further, they’re in a unique position by having the largest amount of self-mined Bitcoin of any publicly traded mining company in the world.

“I really think there is no company in a better position to drive the next phase of technological evolution or revolution on the Canadian landscape than us,” says Leverton.

For more information on Hut 8 Mining Corp. (TSX: HUT, NASDAQ: HUT) please click the request investor info button.

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