mCloud Technologies: Solving the World’s Most Challenging Energy Problems

April 7, 2021

Using AI to Improve ESG Standings

mCloud is helping businesses use AI to improve their ESG standing. This is done by maximizing the efficiency, sustainability, and productivity of their energy intensive assets. As companies become increasingly ESG focused, mCloud is being embraced as an enabler of their ESG initiatives.

Further, prompted by the advancements in technology, safety and environmental stewardship in Alberta’s oil and gas industry, mCloud has moved its headquarters to Calgary. "Why it's important is we're going to accelerate the development of our cloud technology to connected midstream oil and gas," says President and CEO Russ McMeekin.

Additionally, mCloud's technology can now read particle sizes sub the size of the COVID virus. This has presented an unexpected opportunity. The company is also part of back to work programs for the school board, major cities, and retail.

About AssetCare™

mCloud's AI-powered AssetCare™ platform offers complete asset management solutions for commercial buildings, renewable energy, healthcare, heavy industry, as well as connected workers. IoT sensors bring data from connected assets into the cloud, where AI and analytics are applied to maximize their performance.

Further, it's the only asset management platform combining IoT, AI, and the cloud to ensure assets continuously operate at peak performance.

For more information on mCloud Technologies Corp. (TSX.V: MCLD, NASDAQ: MCLD) please click the request investor info button.

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