Nano One is Changing How the World Makes Battery Materials

August 21, 2019

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Nano One Materials Corp (TSX-V: NNO) (“Nano One”) is a technology company developing a new generation of cathode materials, with a pilot plant and patents around the globe and a growing list of strategic partners.

In fact, battery cathode materials for automotive, consumer and industrial applications is growing to $23 billion dollars by 2025. Energy dense cathode powders is made by baking lithium into large composite particles of energy metals such as cobalt, nickel, and manganese.

Since most miners find cobalt in the Congo, it makes the element expensive and hard to get. Car manufacturers are boosting nickel ratios to reduce cobalt. This increases energy, but decreases stability and safety. The industry is developing coatings to help protect the cathode, but the coatings add cost and break apart from repeated charging.

Solving an industry problem

Nano One has new patented processes and materials that form individually coated nano-crystals. Overall, this resists cracking and withstands repeated charging. The difference is that they mix lithium with metals and coatings in a one a step process. Baking makes pure nano-particles in half the number of steps. The crystals pack well and enable stable, low cost, fast charging and energy dense cathodes. Additionally, this is ideal for electric vehicles and other applications.

How rechargeable lithium ion batteries work

Rechargeable lithium ion batteries work by shuffling lithium ions between the cathode and anode, making the modern electric vehicle a reality.

About Nano One

Nano One is a Vancouver-based technology company with a scalable industrial process for producing low-cost high-performance energy storage materials for batteries and a wide range of advanced nano structured composite materials.

This novel three-stage process uses equipment common to the industry and is being engineered for high volume production and rapid commercialization. In addition, they have 2 US patents granted and many more pending in the US and foreign jurisdictions.

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