NeonMind Biosciences: Treat Obesity & Health Issues with Psychedelics

May 5, 2021

Using a psychedelic substance called psilocybin to treat obesity

NeonMind is an integrated psychedelic drug development and wellness company focused on the potential therapeutic uses of psilocybin for treating obesity and weight management conditions which are underpinned by behaviour and mental health. The company believes a psychedelic substance called psilocybin can play a role in treating obesity by addressing changes in behaviour and mental state.

Obesity is an epidemic that is responsible for 37% of the global burden of disease. Being overweight puts people at risk for the development of several chronic diseases; cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoarthritis, and some types of cancer. It is a challenging condition for people to fix on their own. Furthermore, with existing anti-obesity drugs weight loss can be low and slow with a plateau effect at about one year. Traditional diet and exercise do not work for everyone, and do not address the behavioural and mental health issues that are often tied to obesity.

“The vision we have for NeonMind includes successfully bringing the first FDA and Health Canada approved psychedelic therapeutic to patients struggling with obesity. We expect to initiate enrollment for our phase 2 clinical trial by the end of this year,” says President and CEO, Rob Tessarolo.

More on psilocybin

NeonMind is exploring psilocybin (a complex organic compound found in psychedelic mushrooms) as an innovative treatment approach to weight loss and are advancing two drug development programs for patients struggling with obesity. Psilocybin is known to activate serotonin receptors, and serotonin can curb cravings, shut off appetite, and reduce eating.  Importantly, psilocybin has also shown promise in human trials for mental health and behaviour disorders.  Recent results from NeonMind’s preclinical trial conducted at the University of British Columbia demonstrated high and low dose psilocybin was effective in reducing weight gain in a rodent model reinforcing psilocybin as a promising candidate for weight management. NeonMind hopes to move into human trials over the next 12 months and demonstrate the efficacy of psilocybin to cause weight loss.

“So many mental health issues are really tied to compulsive, repetitive thought patterns and psychedelics seem to offer the potential to step beyond that, to almost press reset,” says Chief Psychedelic Officer, Trevor Millar.

The landscape is rapidly changing when it comes to the use of psychedelics for medical treatments. There is a major shift on the horizon and the company believes in the potential for psychedelics to revolutionize the way we treat issues around mental health and obesity. These novel modalities will require specialized delivery to be effective and NeonMind envisions operating a leading chain of branded specialty health clinics to provide evidence-backed psychedelic treatments and other newer treatments for mental health disorders.

“We’re just scratching the surface of the potential for psychedelics to heal,” says Tessarolo.

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