Starlight Capital: Starlight Hybrid Global Real Assets Trust

November 8, 2019

Starlight Capital is providing investors with a best-in-class portfolio

The Hybrid Trust focuses on delivering a global portfolio of both infrastructure and real estate investments to investors. It does so by providing exposure to institutional quality, private global real estate investments and global infrastructure investments, as well as a portfolio of best in class listed real estate and listed infrastructure securities.

Further, Starlight believes that there are two crucial asset classes that retail investors should have a larger allocation to.

"Real estate and infrastructure are two alternative asset classes that while they've been around for decades, many retail investors are under allocated to both sectors", says CEO and CIO, Dennis Mitchell. "By focusing on these two sectors, the trust is giving retail investors exposure to two world class asset classes that are underrepresented in their portfolios and provided long term out performance", Mitchell continues.

Starlight Hybrid Global Real Assets Trust Highlights

The Trust’s investment objective is to provide unit holders with stable monthly cash distributions and long-term capital appreciation through exposure to institutional quality real assets in the global real estate and global infrastructure sectors. The highlights include:

  • Attractive long-term capital appreciation potential with a 5% target yield per annum
  • Access to a concentrated portfolio of actively managed global real estate and infrastructure securities that have shown relatively low correlations to traditional equities.
  • Access to institutional private real estate and infrastructure investments that have the potential to provide long term returns.

For more information on Starlight Capital (SCHG.UN:NEO) please fill out the form below.

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