Cellular Connectivity Taking Advantage of Cloud Infrastructure

July 18, 2019

Telna is a one stop shop for companies that want to incorporate cellular connectivity into the IoT and M2M solution; without having to build their own mobile network infrastructure.

To further explain, the company is is taking what's happening in 5G and bringing it into a 4G environment. And that's really by taking advantage of cloud infrastructure. Because of this, customers can access it without incurring a huge amount of upfront costs.

More over, their product gives you a huge amount of flexibility. It ensures the highest level of network support whether it's a high bandwidth solution or a low bandwidth seamless solution that you're providing to the market.

Telna delivers flexible global connectivity solutions that help accelerate digital transformations for both enterprises and industries. They scale on demand and customize models based on the user’s needs. This gives Telna the advantage to maximize efficiency and minimize pricing. 

The IoT Platform provides reliable global connectivity, cloud management and remote provisioning


The IoT Connect provides high bandwidth 4G LTE connectivity without physical SIMs. The multi-channel device houses up to 4 multi-band modems which are field-upgradeable and 5G-ready.


Furthermore, the IoT Connect provides access to multiple top-tier networks in each country for complete redundancy—keeping mission critical operations online. With over 18 network partners and 300+ bilateral agreements, Telna has direct access to 2,000+ networks worldwide.


In addition, devices can be monitored and managed in real time through one user-friendly, cloud-based management portal. Also, the SIM-free IoT Connect is managed remotely for over-the-air network diagnostics and configuration.

For more information on Telna please visit their website www.Telna.com

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