Thane Stenner, Stenner Wealth Partners+ of CG Wealth Management

November 11, 2022

Founded by award winning wealth advisor, Thane Stenner, CIM®, FCSI®, Stenner Wealth Partners+ of CG Wealth Management (formerly Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management) accesses a plethora of third-party research providers in order to make informed, unbiased decisions about their clients' portfolio allocations.

Stenner Wealth Partners+ is an award-winning in person/virtual team of financial/wealth specialists with a boutique approach and global perspective servicing Canadian and US investors/households with generally a minimum of 10M+ in investable assets or 25M+ net worth. Collectively, the team has a combined 85 years of experience preserving and efficiently managing 43 key client relationships across Canada and the United States. As a CG Wealth Management team, Stenner Wealth Partners+  is a highly exclusive practice team with Canada’s largest independent wealth management firm. Over the last three decades of our careers, its team members have worked at key firms such as Morgan Stanley/Graystone Consulting, Merrill Lynch, CIBC World Markets, TD Bank, and Richardson Wealth, to name a few. This allowed them to develop an acute understanding of their client’s specific needs and tailor best-in-class solutions and strategies to help achieve their long-term financial objectives.

Their clients range in net worth from $25M CAD to $1B or greater. For households with investable assets below $10M, Stenner Wealth Partners+ will gladly make personal introductions to their trusted colleagues in Canada and the US. Stenner Wealth Partners+  is cross border licensed in USA and Canada via FINRA and IIROC.

"If you haven’t heard of Thane Stenner, you likely haven’t been paying much attention to the upper echelons of Canada’s wealth management industry. The founder of Tiger21 in Canada — a high-net-worth investor peer network — is one of the nation’s most sought-after wealth managers, whose clients’ net worth ranges from $25 million to $2.5 billion." (Canadian Family Offices Magazine, May 2022)

To learn more about Thane Stenner, visit

To learn more about Stenner Wealth Partners+ team, visit

Email or call toll-free (North America) at 1.833.STENNER to set up a confidential introductory meeting.

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