Harvest ETFs: Enhanced Equity Income ETFs

October 25, 2022

Stocks to Invest in: ETFs

Income yields at rates above both inflation and fixed income. Market-like performance from covered call strategies combined with modest leverage. Enhancing the monthly cashflow and growth opportunities from existing Harvest equity income ETFs. Their Enhanced Equity Income ETFs are built to deliver these benefits to investors.

Harvest Enhanced Equity Income ETFs are built on the track record of Harvest Equity Income ETF portfolios. These ETFs apply modest leverage to existing Harvest equity income ETFs at approximately 25% of Net Asset Value. This leverage results in enhanced annualized yield, monthly cashflow, and growth prospects for the ETF.

Their Enhanced Equity Income ETFs are on the TSX under the tickers: 


For more information on Harvest Enhanced Equity Income ETF please visit their website at harvestportfolios.com.

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