BTV Expands Distribution to UK, Australia, Europe & Asia Investors

July 19, 2023

BTV - Business Television, a leading TV production and Digital Marketing Agency, is pleased to announce that they have expanded broadcast distribution to include the UK, Australia, Europe, and Asia, for increased exposure to institutional and retail investors on additional continents for their clients.

BTV’s CEO, Taylor Thoen states, “Many of our clients look overseas to seek capital in new markets to power their growth stories. This expanded distribution will help introduce and familiarize the CEO and Company to a new pool of investors on a large scale, paving the way for advanced conversations. We look forward to helping our clients achieve success and impact in new markets for new investors to their companies.”

BTV has launched cohesive marketing programs in tandem with this new distribution amplifying the potential for growth and financial success for their capital market clients.

About BTV - Business Television:

BTV is a TV production and Digital Marketing Agency that has helped companies increase their brand awareness for over 25 years to a national retail and institutional investor audience. Combining unique content creation including the BTV Show, CEO Clips, TV Branding Ads and Digital Campaigns and distributing them on major top tier networks including BNN Bloomberg, CNBC, FOX Business News and websites including Yahoo Finance and MarketWatch, BTV reaches an unprecedented number of investors.

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