CEO Clips - 5E Advanced Materials: A New Chapter in Boron and Lithium Production

May 10, 2024

Investing in Clean Energy

Amid the sprawling terrains of the central Mojave in California, 5E Advanced Materials is marking a significant milestone in the mining industry. As we enter 2024, the company has commenced commercial production, focusing on boric acid and a valuable byproduct, lithium carbonate. This strategic move places 5E Advanced Materials at the forefront of the boron market, a sector dominated by only a few major players.

The history of their Mojave project dates back to the 1960s when the boron deposit was first discovered. It briefly served as a producing asset in the 1980s and has now been revitalized to meet the growing global demand for boron and lithium. The CEO of 5E Advanced Materials emphasizes the rarity and strategic importance of their resource, noting that "the boron market is essentially an oligopoly with two large companies controlling about 85% of global supply."

Boron, primarily used in various derivatives such as ferro boron and boron carbide, plays a crucial role in manufacturing sectors, including advanced materials and technologies. Kevlar, a well-known high-strength material, is one of the many products that rely on high-quality boron derivatives like those produced by 5E Advanced Materials. The byproduct, lithium carbonate, is equally significant, especially with the booming demand for lithium in battery production for electric vehicles and renewable energy storage solutions.

The commitment of 5E Advanced Materials to ramp up their small-scale facility to commercial-scale production underscores their role in diversifying the global supply chain. The CEO shares the excitement of bringing a mining project online in the U.S., which not only taps into a "strong poolside demand story" but also promotes local production capabilities in a market craving for supply security.

As 5E Advanced Materials steps into this new phase, they stand not just as a producer, but as a potential leader in the sustainable extraction and supply of critical materials needed to power the future.

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