CEO Clips - ARSP: Harnessing Congo's Mineral Wealth for Sustainable Growth

May 13, 2024

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The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) stands as a pivotal player in the global market for electric batteries, thanks largely to its significant reserves of cobalt and lithium—key components in modern battery technology. Amid this backdrop, ARSP, a company rooted in the heart of the DRC, is making strides to not only extract these critical minerals but to do so in a way that benefits both the local economy and the broader global market.

Cobalt, crucial for the burgeoning electric vehicle market, is predominantly sourced from the DRC, which produces about 70% of the global supply. However, the country has historically captured a minimal share of the value generated from this resource. ARSP aims to change this narrative by integrating more value-added processes within the country.

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