Invest Yukon: The Tombstone Gold Belt

June 20, 2024

The Tombstone Gold Belt, stretching from central Alaska to the central Yukon Territory, has long been perceived as gold-rich in the west and less fertile in the east. However, Snowline Gold and other key players are challenging this conventional wisdom with groundbreaking discoveries. Scott Berdhal, CEO of Snowline Gold, reveals that substantial gold deposits have been uncovered in the eastern Yukon, flipping previous geological assumptions on their head. The RC Gold Project by Sitka Gold has contributed significantly to this new understanding, announcing a resource in January 2023 and continuously expanding their findings.

Mike Burke, VP of Corporate Development at Sitka Gold, highlights the growing interest and success in the Tombstone Gold Belt, noting that since 2020, over 11 million ounces of additional resources have been discovered. This burgeoning interest is further supported by companies like Onyx Gold, which focuses on properties in the eastern Tombstone Gold Belt, and Banyan Gold, which boasts a 7-million-ounce inferred gold resource. The Yukon Premier, Hon. Ranj Pillai, emphasizes the importance of strategic partnerships with local First Nations and robust infrastructure to support these nation-leading projects. With these developments, the Yukon is poised to become a new frontier for gold exploration, attracting significant investment and attention.

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