Copper Fox Metals: Copper Exploration in North America

March 21, 2024

Investing in Copper

Unveiling Copper Fox Metals’ Strategic Approach to Copper Exploration

Copper Fox Metals stands at the forefront of copper exploration in North America, a testament to the enduring value and importance of copper in our daily lives. With a keen focus on resource-rich properties and a portfolio that includes copper, gold, molybdenum, and silver, Copper Fox Metals is not just another exploration company; it is a pioneer paving the way for the future of mining and metal utilization.

Copper Fox Metals has strategically positioned itself with three significant resource properties across North America. Among these, the Van Dyke Project in Arizona shines as a beacon of innovation and economic viability. This In-Situ Recovery (ISR) project exemplifies the company's commitment to employing environmentally responsible extraction methods. As it moves through the pre-feasibility stage, the anticipation grows for what phase two, expected to commence mid-year, will unveil.

Equally significant is the company's partnership with Teck Resources at Schaft Creek, a collaboration that underlines Copper Fox Metals’ stature in the mining industry. An ambitious $18.7 million program for 2024 is set to enhance certainty and potentially unlock additional value at Shaft Creek. This initiative reflects the company's dedication to meticulous exploration and development, aiming to ensure the sustainability and profitability of its ventures.

Behind Copper Fox Metals’ success is a burning desire to discover and harness the potential of copper. This drive is not just about adding value to the company; it’s about contributing to a sector that is vital for the technological advancements and infrastructure developments shaping our world. Copper Fox Metals embodies this passion, with a leadership team that finds joy in exploration and the promise of new discoveries.

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