FendX Technologies: Award-Winning Nanotechonology in Development

June 13, 2023

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FendX is a Canadian nanotechnology company that has developed award-winning nanotechnology aimed at repelling and reducing the spread of bacteria and viruses on high touch surfaces. They are focused on creating products that make people's lives safer by minimizing the transmission of pathogens. The company is working on developing film and spray products to protect surfaces from contamination. Their lead product, called REPELWRAP™ film, is a coating film that repels pathogens, preventing their adhesion and reducing their transmission on surfaces that are prone to contamination. Additionally, they are developing a bifunctional spray coating that repels and kills pathogens, further reducing surface contamination. FendX is conducting research and development in collaboration with industry-leading partners, including McMaster University. They hold an exclusive worldwide license for their nanotechnology and intellectual property portfolio from McMaster, which includes both film and spray coating formulations. The global antimicrobial coating market was valued at $3.7 billion in 2022, indicating significant potential for FendX's technology.

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