Investor Alert: Danavation Technologies - State-of-the-Art Digital Smart Labels™

April 12, 2021

The future of digital retail technology

Danavation Technologies is a leading provider of micro e-paper displays in North America. Their state-of-the-art Digital Smart Labels™ enable companies to automate labelling, price, product information, and promotions in real time.

"Working with Danavation, we'll give you an opportunity of having the best engineered digital smart labels in the industry," says President and CEO, John Ricci.

The company's Digital Smart Labels™ offer a class-leading high resolution, high contrast and wide-viewability. Additionally, they have a vibrant colour display designed to enhance the retail shopping experience. It also updates pricing and product information in real time.

Further, they're focused on generating revenue and driving growth. This is supported by Danavation’s established client base including retailers, grocery stores, convenience and big box stores across the US and Canada, as well as healthcare providers, manufacturing and logistics companies. 

Danavation's future growth profile is expected to be supported by continued development of new proprietary products and services within the retail and grocery segment. Moreover, they maintain a clear ESG commitment by advocating for environmental sustainability through significantly reduced paper use. 

"With the stroke of a keystroke on your computer, it eliminates the use of paper," says Ricci.

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