Skyline Wealth Management: Invest in the Essentials

May 15, 2024

Skyline Apartment REIT:

A Foundation in Canadian Multi-Residential Real Estate

With rising interest rates and housing supply shortages, Skyline Apartment REIT offers the opportunity to invest in the Canadian real estate market. Skyline Apartment REIT is a portfolio of institutional quality multi-residential real estate properties. The REIT seeks to deliver stable returns and capital appreciation for its investors, while also providing safe, affordable housing for thousands of people across Canada.

Skyline Industrial REIT:

Maximizing Returns with Strategic Assets

Skyline Industrial REIT is a diverse portfolio of 100% Canadian industrial properties, anchored by warehousing, distribution, and logistics assets. The REIT focuses on properties strategically located along major transportation routes. With a history of stable returns and tax efficiency, Skyline Industrial REIT is an attractive option for those looking to invest in the industrial sector.

Skyline Retail REIT:

Investing in the Everyday Essentials

Skyline Retail REIT is a portfolio of diversified, 100% Canadian retail properties located in Canada’s secondary and tertiary markets. The REIT focuses on assets that are anchored by “everyday essential” services, such as grocery and pharmacy, located in high-traffic areas to ensure greater visibility and accessibility. Skyline Retail REIT is designed to be growth-oriented and has a track record of providing investors with stable performance and tax efficiencies.

Skyline Clean Energy Fund:

Canadian Renewable Infrastructure Investments

Skyline Clean Energy Fund (SCEF) focuses on investing in assets and infrastructure that contribute to clean energy production in Canada. The power generated by the Fund’s assets is purchased under long—term government-backed contracts. SCEF reinvests its cash flows to enhance clean energy production, historically offering investors stable returns and the opportunity to help Canada transition to renewable energy.  

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