Brompton Funds: Enhanced Multi-Asset Income ETF - BMAX

October 21, 2022

Stocks to Invest in: ETFs

Brompton Enhanced Multi-Asset Income ETF (BMAX) is designed to provide attractive monthly distributions and the opportunity for capital appreciation by investing in a portfolio of Brompton ETFs and preferred shares.

By combining multiple investment strategies diversified by geography, sector, and asset class, this exchange-traded fund provides simple, low-cost access to an actively managed portfolio built for all market conditions.

BMAX offers a unique multi-asset approach which combines global equities and non-traditional preferred share investments into a diversified portfolio solution. This multi-asset blend (BMAX proxy) has provided strong historical performance with lower volatility compared with single asset class indices.

For more information on Brompton Funds Ltd. (TSX: BMAX) please visit their website at

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