Volatus Aerospace: A Competitive Advantage in the $58 Billion Drone Industry

January 25, 2023

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The global drone market is a $58 billion industry. Volatus Aerospace is a leader in a range of integrated drone solutions including system and vehicle sales, service and training; aerial inspection and imaging services; data processing and management; system design engineering, research & development, manufacture and testing. Their services are throughout Canada, USA, Latin America , and most recently Europe.

Recently, Volatus announced a 238% increase compared to their 2021 third quarter for a record 2022 revenue of 11.12MM.

With the massive industry growth, Volatus has high expectations for themselves prompting an ambitious target of a billion dollars in annual sales within the next 5 years.

Volatus also announced the acquisition of Alberta-based Synergy Aviation Ltd. This puts Volatus’ position in Western Canada providing privileged access to much of the oil and gas industry. Synergy’s leadership in the sector combined with Volatus’ drone technology solutions will position the Company with a strong competitive advantage to introduce innovative, efficient, green, remotely operated drone solutions to fulfill regulatory and asset monitoring requirements.

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