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Hamilton ETFs - SMAX & QMAX: More Income, Every Month

Maximize your monthly income from U.S. equities. With SMAX, exposure to sector leaders from the S&P 500, And QMAX, the largest tech companies leading the future. SMAX and QMAX, more income, every month, from Hamilton ETF

October 26, 2023
Hamilton ETFs - HMAX, HCAL, HEB: Canadian Banks ETF

Hamilton ETFs is a provider of Canadian bank ETFs that offer high yields, top performance, and low fees. They are a good choice for those looking to invest in Canadian banks.

July 12, 2023
Hamilton ETFs - HCAL & HMAX: Top Performing Canadian Bank ETF

Canada's Highest Yielding Financials ETF

July 11, 2023
Hamilton ETFs - HEB: Low Cost Canadian Bank ETF with Stable Monthly Dividends

Hamilton ETFs is recommending to invest in HEB, the lowest cost Canadian bank ETF listed on the TSX. HEB provides exposure to Canada's six major banks at a low cost and offers stable monthly dividends. By investing in HEB, investors can benefit from Canadian banks while keeping their costs low.

April 7, 2023