Victoria Gold Corp.

Victoria Gold: Delivering on Gold, Gold, and Gold!
Metals & Mining

Victoria Gold Corp is Building A New Canadian Gold Mining Company leading with the Eagle Gold Mine, the largest gold mine in Yukon history, at the heart of its operations.

February 12, 2024
CEO Clips - Victoria Gold: Impressive Year-Over-Year Growth
Metals & Mining

John McConnell's +40 years of mining experience is mostly in Canada's northern territories.

May 4, 2023
Victoria Gold: Purchase Eagle Gold Mine Medallions
Metals & Mining

You can purchase an Eagle Gold Mine Medallion from their website at

February 2, 2023
BTV Earnings Video: Victoria Gold Q3 Results
Metals & Mining

Victoria Gold's Director, President, & CEO John McConnell shares insight on the company's Q3 earnings.

November 15, 2022