Zinc Deposit Adjacent to a Former High-Grade Zinc Mine

CEO of Ubique Minerals Ltd., Gerald Harper speaks about how the company’s focusing on exploring and developing a zinc deposit in Newfoundland.

“Ubique Minerals primary focus is exploring and developing a zinc deposit in Newfoundland, which is immediately adjacent to a former zinc mine. It was a very high-grade zinc mine and it was also very high purity. We have already discovered an ore body and most of our drilling going forward will be to block out resources. The property is very close to highways, to power, to the tidewater for shipping product. The company has one tremendous advantage and that is that it has access to all of the historic records of the former mine operator and we also have the plans identifying where those positions are in the field. The former mine mined 8 million tons and typically those types of deposits are anywhere from 20 to 100 million tons so we believe that there is an awful lot of potential to find additional resources.” – Gerald Harper, CEO of Ubique Minerals

Ubique Minerals Limited is a zinc exploration company listed on the CSE  It has focused on exploration of its 100% owned Daniel’s Harbour zinc property in Newfoundland, and was initially funded for two years by private equity including that from Greenbank Capital Inc. Ubique became a publicly listed company in September 2018. Ubique has undertaken one drilling program on its Daniel’s Harbour zinc project in 2017 and two more drilling campaigns in 2018, all of which were successful in delineating zinc mineralization extending from the vicinity of former mine workings. Ubique has an experienced management group with a record of multiple discoveries of deposits worldwide, and owns an extensive and exclusive database of historic exploration results from the Daniel’s Harbour area.

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