Brompton Funds: Global Healthcare Income & Growth ETF

September 15, 2022

The world’s healthcare needs are changing and growing. Global Healthcare Income & Growth ETF; active management and high distributions.

This ETF provides monthly distributions and the opportunity for capital gains through an investment in a portfolio of large-cap global Healthcare companies selected by Brompton, complemented by an actively managed covered call program.

Its PM team first uses a top-down analysis to identify attractive sub-sectors. Rigorous fundamental analysis focuses the portfolio on 15 to 30 global Healthcare companies which offer a combination of growth and value characteristics. The PMs then set the level of covered call writing (up to a maximum of 33%), with the goal of optimizing distributable cash and total returns.

Why Invest In Healthcare?

  • Strong historical earnings growth and stable relative share performance.
  • Under-represented sector in the Canadian equity market; global Healthcare equities provide diversification benefits.

Long term trends are supportive of Healthcare equities:

  • Demographics: Aging world population is expected to result in increased demand for healthcare products and services
  • Emerging Markets: Rising incomes should lead to higher healthcare spending
  • Innovation: Opening up new frontiers for development of services, equipment and therapies
  • Mergers & Acquisitions: Providing the potential for added value for investors

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