E3 Lithium: Unlocking Alberta Lithium

May 5, 2022

Unlocking a new source of Canadian lithium for a sustainable energy future

E3 Lithium is a lithium resource and technology company aiming to power the growing electrical revolution. Based in Alberta, E3 Lithium combined resources, including the Clearwater project are being developed on the backbone of the mature and sophisticated oil and gas industry that will allow the Company to accelerate its development.

The Alberta Advantage

Oil and Gas History – oil and gas deposits in Alberta have been extracted for over 100 years.  This long development history has generated a comprehensive understanding of the province’s geology.  Of the billions of litres of fluid contained within the pore spaces in the Leduc Aquifer, >95% of the fluid is lithium-enriched saline formation water, with lithium occurring as dissolved ions in the water.  The remaining ~5% of the fluid is hydrocarbons, which have been mostly depleted through oil and gas extraction activities.  Legacy data from these oil and gas exploration and extraction operations has produced expansive data sets that E3 has used to quantify aquifer characteristics and delineate resources.

For more information on E3 Lithium (TSX.V: ETMC, OTC: EEMMF) please click the request investor info button.

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