Mayfair Gold: Pioneering Canada's First Carbon Neutral Gold Project

February 13, 2024

Investing in Gold

Mayfair Gold is at the forefront of developing Canada's first carbon-neutral gold project, aiming to set a new standard in environmentally responsible mining. By investing in offsets that fund the installation of residential solar panels nationwide, Mayfair Gold is contributing to a sustainable future.

The Fenn-Gib project, covering approximately 4,800 hectares, is located within the Abitibi Gold Belt, one of the most extensive and prolific gold-producing regions. Despite its vast size, over 75% of the area remains unexplored, presenting significant potential for future discoveries. The project benefits from its prime location in northeast Ontario, 80km east of Timmins, in the heart of Canada's leading gold mining district. This district, known for the Timmins gold camp, has produced over 80 million ounces of gold in the last century, underscoring the region's rich mining heritage.

Strategically situated next to Highway 101 and near substantial local water resources, Fenn-Gib enjoys excellent accessibility and infrastructure support. Its location in the Guibord and Munro Townships further highlights its potential within a region celebrated for its mining productivity.

By launching this carbon-neutral initiative, Mayfair Gold not only aims to extract valuable resources but also to do so in a way that respects and preserves the environment, marking a significant step towards sustainable mining practices.

For more information on Mayfair Gold (TSX.V: MFG, OTC: MFGCF) please click the investor request info button.

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