Mayfair Gold: Pioneering Canada's First Net Zero Gold Project in the Timmins Gold Camp

October 4, 2023

Sustainable Mining Innovation: Mayfair Gold's Net Zero Approach in Ontario's Gold-rich Timmins Gold Camp

Mayfair Gold is a mining company operating in the Timmins Gold Camp in Ontario, Canada. They emphasize three key factors that make their venture appealing: their location in a prolific gold-producing area, the distinction of being Canada's first net-zero gold project, and the experienced team, many of whom have worked with the CEO in previous successful endeavors. The Fenn-Gib project covers around 4800 hectares in the Abitibi Gold Belt, with 75% of the area yet to be explored. The deposit is strategically situated near infrastructure and power sources, reducing operational risks. Mayfair Gold has expanded the resource significantly through drilling, estimating the gold value in the ground to be around $8 billion. They are committed to environmental and sustainability efforts, aiming to achieve a net-zero impact through measures like offsetting greenhouse gas emissions. The CEO's excitement lies in training young talent and delivering shareholder value.

For more information on Mayfair Gold (TSX.V: MFG, OTC: MFGCF) please click the investor request info button.

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