BTV Showreel: Canada's First Tier One Mining Conference - Hosted by VID

July 6, 2022

BTV visited Quebec City, from June 19-21, for the mining investing event of the north - hosted by VID, to meet with the CEO's of development, exploration and production companies.

The Event is Canada’s first invitation only Tier I Conference for Mining Companies, accredited investors, institutions and funds. The Event showcased the best of Canadian mining to a global audience. It featured a mix of exploration, development, royalty companies and producers representing all commodities.

Featuring CEO's and Top Executives From: 

Hecla Mining Company (NYSE: HL)

Amex Exploration (TSX.V: AMX, OTCQX: AMXEF)

Maple Gold Mines (TSX.V: MGM, OTCQB: MGMLF)

Palladium One Mining (TSX.V: PDM, OTCQB: NKORF)

Ridgeline Minerals (TSX.V: RDG, OTCQB: RDGMF)

Guanajuato Silver (TSX.V: GSVR, OTCQX: GSVRF)

AuTECO Minerals (ASX: AUT)

Vanstar Mining (TSX.V: VSR, OTCQX: VMNGF)

Canada Nickel Company (TSX.V: CNC, OTCQX: CNIKF)

Willeson Metals

First Mining Gold (TSX: FF, OTCQX: FFMGF)

Metallum Resources (TSX.V: MZN)

Equinox Gold (TSX: EQX, NYSE: EQX)

Vision Lithium (TSX.V: VLI)

Gold Royalty (NYSE: GROY)

Jaguar Mining (TSX: JAG, OTCQX: JAGGF)

Stillwater Critical Minerals (TSX.V: PGE, OTCQB: PGEZF)

Giyani Metals (TSX.V: EMM)

Treasury Metals (TSX: TML, OTCQX: TSRMF)


Radisson Mining (TSX.V: RDS, OTC: RMRDF)

Doré Copper Mining (TSX.V: DCMC)

Orford Mining (TSX.V: ORM)


Fury Gold Mines (TSX: FURY, NYSE: FURY)

Euro Manganese (TSX.V: EMN, OTCQX: EUMNF)

Lomiko Metals (TSX.V: LMR, OTC: LMRMF)


Piedmont Lithium (NASDAQ: PLL)

Gold Terra (TSX.V: YGT, OTC: YGTFF)

Silver Mountain Resources (TSX.V: AGMR, OTC: AGMRF)

Azimut Exploration (TSX.V: AZM)

Labrador Uranium (CSE: LUR, OTCQB: LURAF)

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